About us

DRACO, we are specialists setting new performance standards for waterproofing systems.

The company was established in 1997 with the idea of providing the best technical solutions and expertise on construction sites. After a decade's worth of experience in general and waterproofing contracting where we faced challenging situations that classical systems couldn’t solve, we decided to pursue new technologies.

Today we apply our know-how with great enthusiasm in this demanding field.

Our R&D and technical departments have a mission to design and develop best practice waterproofing products and systems which will dovetail with modern day construction demands. We are committed to provide situation-specific solutions, because there is no universal solution for each and every case.

Due to our flexibility and business principles, we are able to properly focus on your specific project needs.



Our R&D is focused on formulating products that are efficient and easy to apply. We begin with simple ideas and resources, and combine them to create innovative products that perform well.



We run a lean manufacturing operation with continuous quality control checks on raw materials and every batch of final products. To ensure high quality, all processes are certified by the management quality system ISO 9001. We pay special attention to environmental protection – which is certified by ISO 14001.



 We actively work with architects during the project design phase, providing them with detailed drawings and technical documentation.




Technical support